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VWD 2014 event from June 11 to June 16, 2014


The area identified for the tents is made ??up as follows:
* provided  with connection to electricity, water and night lighting
* Spot for chemical toilet waste
* Toilets inside the structure


The transports allowed (Vespa ) inside should be placed only in areas outlined by the organizers.
It is no way permitted to:
* discharge water on the soil
* use of potable water for uses different from alimentary and sanitary
* abandon of any kind of municipal solid garbage out of the special containers
* take any attitude that creates or simulates a situation of wild camping, for which the area is not intended for


The use of the area and its associated structures is only allowed to persons who have regularized their position with payments.
The camping will open on Wednesday  11th at 12am and it will close on Monday 16th at 12am. At night, closing time is from 02am to 06am; during this time  you could enter the camping only asking for the assistance of the reception’s staff, calling at the number that will be posted up at the entrance of the camping itself.


Any person who uses the area is required to have a decent and respectful attitude for people and others properties.
In particular, it is prohibited:
* To keep radios, televisions or speakers turned on loud or at a volume that can create annoyance to neighbors
* To use the toilets and showers in the structure in a manner not conformed with the rules of hygiene and education
* To leave garbage outside of containers made ??for the collection placed at the entrance of the structure
* To leave water taps open
* To shriek during day and/or night
* To play games that disturb the others
* To circulate inside the structure using motor vehicles
* To leave pets unattended
* To light fires, to dig holes, to make changes to the ground
* To remove specimens of shrubs, flowering plants or in any case cause damage to plants, bushes, flowers and/or turf .
The inobservance of these prohibitions will be reported, after a verbal warning, to the police and will result in immediate expulsion from the area.


In case of damage to plant or equipment, the responsible is liable to compensate for the costs supported for necessary reparations


Aster and the Organizing Committee VWD do not respond for the disappearance of goods, things of value or other property or for damages caused by others. The Organizing Committee secures the users with maximum monitoring by its staff.


All matters not covered in this regulation will be referred to municipal and regional regulatory.


The Organizing Committee will provide with staff for any requests for assistance and information.