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June 11th – June 16th 2014


The access to this area is conditioned to the integral acceptance of this regulation and with a badge that will be handed out only to Vespisti, which have previously booked the area.


Art. 1
The area is reserved to motor caravan and camper  with the exception for trailer and tent  

Art. 2  
It is an unattended parking, hence, the managing authority is exempted from any responsability in terms of damages to things and/or  people that will happen inside the parking

Art. 3  
It is no way permitted to discharge any kind of liquids or solid on the soil

Art. 4
Obligation to drop off  waste in the specific dumpster

Art. 5     
It is no way permitted to light fire and to use own barbecue

Art. 6    
Restrooms placed inside the area must be used in a proper way, respecting the environment and nature in order to avoid complaints and/or protests of citizens 

Art. 7    
Inside the parking area is forbidden any kind of game that should cause damages or annoyance. Animals must be attended, in order to avoid annoyance or damages to things and/or people and in order to not ruin the area in any way.  We remind the obligation of  leash for dogs and to clean where the dog dirties.

Art. 7 bis
After 10:30 pm, it is strictly forbidden to produce annoying noise. For this reason it is recommended to enter the parking area with the Vespa turned off

Art. 8  
The area must be organized in order not to hamper the nearby emplacement.

Art. 9
The use of power generator is forbidden 

To hang up laundry is not permitted

All the actions or situation that could violate the environmental decorum are strictly forbidden.


The violation even of one of this rules causes the removal from the parking area by the managing authority immediately.