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Eurovespa was an annual Vespa gathering that took place every year from 1954 to 2007 (with a break in 1970): Vespa lovers from all over Europe and further afield came together for the largest and best-known rally of its kind worldwide.

On 14 March 2006 the Vespa World Club was created by Piaggio & C. s.p.a. and the Piaggio Foundation, as a body focused on promoting, uniting and coordinating all of the Vespa Clubs worldwide.

In 2007, Eurovespa was transformed into Vespa World Days, under the supervision of the Vespa World Club. The last Eurovespa event was held in Turin. In 2007, the first Vespa World Days event was held in the San Marino republic.

Every year, a meeting takes place between the chairmen of the national Vespa Clubs, the Vespa World Club and Piaggio & C. s.p.a. to discuss the functioning of the Vespa World Club and to decide where to hold future Vespa World Days, which are managed and hosted by a local Vespa Club.

In 2012, during the meeting in London (UK), Italy officially presented a bid to host the VWD 2014 in the city of Mantua.



2007 - Republic of San Marino
• 2008 - Italy
• 2009 - Austria
• 2010 - Portugal
• 2011 - Norway
• 2012 - Great Britain
• 2013 - Belgium