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A warm welcome to the land of the Gonzaga dynasty to all participants of the "highlight" of the Vespa World Club calendar - the Vespa World Days 2014 event. Here at the Vespa Club in Mantua, we placed all our faith in the ambitious project to organize the eighth edition of Vespa World Days in the beautiful city of Mantua, and we are confident that Vespa lovers from all over the world will appreciate the qualities and characteristics that are typical of this region - from our cuisine to the ancient works that embody our history and the welcoming and helpful nature of our people. We take great pride in being able to extend this important and prestigious event to a global scale. This dream has been realised thanks to the clubs of the Mantuan and Lombardy regions, who, with dedication and passion, have worked together in various different ways to ensure the success of this event. Sincere thanks is also extended to the Municipality of Mantua and all the other local authorities in the district who have supported us in a range of ways. In addition to this, a big thanks is definitely due all our Vespa friends from all over the world, who after a long trip, will honour us with their presence and make for an unforgettable stay in Mantua. We hope that all of the Vespa fans and friends of the legendary Vespa 4 enjoy an unforgettable few days, filled with warm friendship and shared knowledge of the area. Together, we also celebrate 15 years of the Vespa Club Mantua - what better opportunity to share this special occasion with you? We very much look forward to welcoming you from 12 to 15 June 2014 in Mantua - a city rich in Italian culture and history.
The Chairman of the Mantua Vespa Club
Claudio Federici